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Lamp Shade Materials Guide

Watch's owner Christopher Dunigan as he walks you through the Hubbardton Forge Lighting Shade options.

Hubbardton Forge has designed beautiful lampshades to compliment their handcrafted lighting. All shades have an inner lining of heavy white plastic to ensure years of enjoyment. Remember some shapes will be limited to certain fabrics and papers.

This section will help you choose the shade right for your needs.


NATURAL WHITE ANNA: A contemporary, white fabric with a tight, smooth weave.

FLAX: Our most popular transitional, off-white fabric with the same weave as on our Natural Anna shade.

SPUN FROST: A white, non-woven fabric imparts a light, contemporary feel.

MEDIUM GREY (only available for portables): A neutral cool grey, with textural qualities similar to a refined linen weave.

DOESKIN MICRO-SUEDE (only available for portables): Softer, richer fabrics, our micro-suedes are hand-dyed and distressed to create a subtle patterning with warm brown and tan overtones, especially when lit.

SPUN AMBER (only available for portables): A warm, amber alternative to the Spun Frost non-woven fabric.

NATURAL CORK (only available for portables): A renewable natural cork veneer which glows dramatically when lit.

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