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Glass Help Guide

Watch's owner Christopher Dunigan as he walks you through the Hubbardton Forge Lighting glass options.

Many Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures are designed with beautifully handcrafted glass. This section will help you sort out the differences between the various types of glass selections to ensure the best choice for each individual design project.

Some Hubbardton Forge fixtures have limited glass options available. Others not only have many glass types, but also multiple shapes of glass to choose from.

OPAL GLASS: Our most popular glass choice. A neutral flat white when unlit, Opal radiates the warmth of the inner bulb when lit.

PEARL GLASS: A matte, light cream color when unlit, it glows warm with very unique, delicate patterns of undulating clouds when lit.

STONE GLASS: A transitional glass, Stone has a combination of earthy hues of warm ivory, beige and sand with flecks of grey striations suggesting natural stone when unlit. It takes on a warmer glow when lit.

SEEDED CLEAR GLASS: The encapsulated bubbles in our Seeded Clear Glass veil its interior when unlit, but become alive with highlights when illuminated.

WATER GLASS: Thick, wavy patterns, similar to an antique window, reflect the light with a slight sparkle. Water Glass retains the same characteristics when lit or unlit.

AMBER SWIRL ART GLASS: Shiny-surfaced Amber Swirl Art Glass is a flowing blend of ivory and light caramel colored glass. It provides a warm glow when lit.

WHITE ART GLASS: Shiny-surfaced White Art Glass is a lively blend of swirled cool white tones. It gives off a clean, natural light.

IVORY ART GLASS: Shiny-surfaced Ivory Art Glass is a blend of antique ivory and cream colored glass with a warm tone that falls between our White and Amber Swirl Art Glass.

TOPAZ ART GLASS: Neutral deep brown when unlit, Topaz Art Glass dramatically transforms into a dynamic blend of rich and warm glowing swirls when lit.

SAND GLASS: Sand Glass’s sandblasted surface is a natural beige-white color when both lit and unlit. The even tones of Sand Glass are a warm alternative to Opal. Sand Glass’s overall hue most closely matches that of Stone Glass.


AO GLASS A creative collaboration between two Vermont companies, Hubbardton Forge and AO Glass, brings an exquisite collection of lighting fixtures. Combining techniques of sculpting metal and blowing glass by hand, it demonstrates the design possibilities borne from a dedication to hand-crafted quality and artisanal pride. This hand-blown glass is offered in four subtle colors and clear. Other colors, limited only by your imagination, are available on a custom basis.

Please note: Small blemishes and bubbles are inherent in hand-blown glass and are not considered defects. Due to the nature of the glass-making process, the pattern and balance of color in the glass may vary significantly within a piece and from one piece to another. It is the individuality of each piece that is so sought after.

We strive to show the most accurate color possible. However, due to the limitations and variations of the photography process, representations here may not be exact. Please visit our showroom in Wallingford, VT to see actual glass samples.

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