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Commercial Projects

Commercial Contract Projects are open to the end user when used in a true Commercial project.  Single family residential projects do not qualify for commercial contract but may qualify for large volume discounts.
For large single family volume orders, please contact us at this email address:

Examples of commercial projects are:
    • Hotels/Inns
    • Restaurants    
    • Retail Stores
    • Offices (home offices excluded)
    • Mixed Use Condo Projects (common areas)
    • Country Clubs

– Buyers are required to furnish us with the address and nature of the commercial project.
– Discounts range from 35% to 40% off MSRP depending on volume.
– Shipping is free in all states except Alaska and Hawaii.
– All items are available in all finishes.
– No returns are allowed for commercial projects.
– Payment must be made by company check. 

Email us for a commercial contract quote at this email address:
Remember to include the following:

    • Company name
    • Contact person
    • Ship to and Bill to address
    • Contact phone
    • Commercial project address
    • Metal finish and glass option if applicable
    • Quantity and Hubbardton Forge style numbers

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